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From the simplicity of a Nest thermostat to integration of mood lighting, audio streaming, multi room TV, control of your cooker or the TV and radio or lights turning themselves on when you walk through the front door our Home Automation solutions bring the future to you now. Options to remotely control your gates or front door are simple to integrate, so if your out whilst that delivery you need turns up you can see who is at the door then remotely open it to let them make the delivery all whilst watching via your security cameras on your phone. Automatic control of heating, AC and blinds ensure the temperature is kept constant.

These solutions can be extended to the office too whether it be controlling the security, lighting, heating or checking on who has entered or left the building to a fully automated boardroom with automatic lighting control and powered operation of the tv screen or projector, with audio and video confrencing – we have solutions to offer practicality but also to wow your visitors.

The possibilities are endless, each room can be controlled independantly or can be programmed to work simultaneously with each room offering control of another, we can even shut off every light and appliance in the whole building at the touch of a button – or even from your smart phone.

The key to our integration is “Control 4” and “Loxone” these are the platforms that integrate all of the different solutions for lighting, security, heating, access control, music and media even completely powering down the building from one touch of a button, either in the building or anywhere in the world via your phone – the future is here!!

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Home Automation

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Had some work done by justin and can’t believe how professional he was. There was no mess and he explained everything to me what he was going to be doing, how it worked as technology goes over my head but in this day and age we need it to protect ourselves and our properties. Will definitely be using essential power solutions again and will be recommending to all my friends, family and anyone else.


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